The Story Beginning

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It all started when four best friend were on a boat ride. The boat ride was going so great, until they crashed into a huge rock and started to sink. Likely they were all pretty good swimmers, and all swam to safety. This safety was a island shaped like a face. That thought it was really weird, but they went on the island anyway. When they got on the island they saw that there was a big road right in the middle of the island. They felt like they should follow the road to the end. When they got to the end, they found a huge castle.

What happens next? You decide! =)

3 thoughts on “The Story Beginning

  1. These friends seem to be an adventuresome group so they head into the castle. Suddenly they hear an extremely loud growl followed by an even louder bang.
    What was making the noises?

    • I think it was a large wolf, and this wolf knocked over a crown. This crown belonged to the king of the castle. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!

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